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There are "can assistant" around the world.
Collaboration and networking are the two fundamental and connective points to carry through an idea of seeing different paths of the Sun around the world. I have had a passion for solargraphy since 2002. Later on it increased like a snowball effect when the website of the project was published in 2005. At the end of 2006 over 300 volunteers took part in the global art of pinhole photography project of solargraphy. They helped me to fill gaps in the worldwide map of solargraphs.


In the list there are the names of the volunteers such as friends, relatives, colleagues, students, artists, photographers, pinhole photographers, amateurs, mathematicians, astronomers, physicists, people I have met in conferences and other places and people who contacted me by email. Some people have helped me to get new "can assistants", or to get me access into some closed places, or have acted as an intermediary. They have contributed to the project.


Most solargraphs of the project are results of the collaboration. The idea about nature itself making a photograph comes from the early history of photography. In solargraphy the Sun overexposes a piece of light sensitive material. A simple pinhole camera, built by myself, was placed on a sunny place facing the Sun and was left on that open area for 3 or 6 months. After finishing the exposure the cans were sent to me for doing solargraphs by the aid of computer. I have sent the ready solargraphs to the can assistants by email. The collection of solargraphs are seen on this website and more solargraphs will be added also in 2007.


Thanks to the common use of the Internet, communication and transforming data are easier and faster than earlier. The idea of the map of solargraphs became real by the help of the network, the collaboration of the participants and the team of the Virtual University, at the University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland.