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May 2008 Strong Photographic Experiences

What is an immaterial photograph like? Here you see one of my photographs taken in Poland in May 2008. The title of the image is `cosmos´. I tried to catch my experience into the image.







Light forming for immaterial photographs gives very strong experiences. This kind of experience was possible to get at the international photographic workshop of PROFILE’ 08 organized by The Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan between the 1st and 5th of May 2008 in Skoki, Poland. The feeling of being inside the 4D photographs (four dimensional pictures live). Smoke – light  - figure – sounds make together a huge illusion around you. It is difficult for a frozen 4D or to tell people who had not the same experience where we emerged as strong as it was because a two dimensional photograph is often too flat and it tells only one side of the emotion as usually we have used to see in the pictures. But good pictures wake up our emotions.


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