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October 2008: Two cans lost in space

A funny story happened in Kongsberg, Norway.



Heidi Caroline Amundsen wrote:

Hello Tarja!

The other day I was taking a walk in my hometown Kongsberg, Norway. I was
crossing the train bridge over the river and taking a pause to enjoy the
purple sky of the sunset. As I was on the middle of the bridge a large cargo
train came, and I waited as it passed. Suddenly, from what seemed to be the
sky, a tiny black thing fell down in front of me. I picked it up and noticed
it was one of your photo film boxes. I brought it with me and walked some
meters further on the bridge, in great wonder of where it had come from
suddenly falling down like that. I leaned over the fence of the bridge and
looked down on the river when I suddenly noticed another similar box, right
below me on the fence. So I stretched over and picked it up. In great
curiosity I shacked the boxes to hear if they had something inside. I figured
since I now had two boxes, and the first could have just as well fallen into
the river, it wouldn't hurt to open one. So I did, and noticed it was a
Camera Obscura project. I am familiar with the technique from my studies and
found it very interesting. For some reason I felt very unsure what to do
with the boxes. I seemed to have some difficulties taking a decision and
finally left them by the fence, not so visible. I continued walking for
about two or three minutes when I decided to go back and take them home with
me, to contact you. But when I returned they were somehow gone. There were
not many people passing as it was a quiet night, and I had left them little
visible. I searched for about five minutes, but all I found was one of your
stickers with your address that I had left on the fence earlier.

I send my apologies for having lost your two boxes, but I thank you for
having given me a so special night! I found it especially interesting since
I have just graduated on a bachelor study of Visual Art & Design. I looked
at the homepage of where you teach and have now sent a mail asking for the
possibilities of exchange studies. I hope your project goes well and that
you have more luck on the returning of your other boxes! Let me know if
there is anything I can do to help, if you would want any other boxes in
this city in return.

Best regards from Heidi Caroline Amundsen

We don´t yet know the fate of these two cans but Heidi became a new can assistant. That is great!



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