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January 2009: Happy New Solargraphy Year!

It is  INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF ASTRONOMY 2009. What about Solargraphy?


Last year was excellent. 18 224 visits on the website in 2008. Solargraphy is now more and more known in the world. 


















 Coverage of user visiting 2008 solargraphy.com / image: Google Analytics


Thanks to the Internet and all of you who have participated in this project or told about Solargraphy on your website or magazines. I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of you for your contribution in making Global Photography Project such a success. It was +314,94 % more visits on the website in 2008 compared with the year 2007.

Actually I do not know all sources but especially thanks to the persons as follows:

Editor Malin Fabbri of AlternativePhotography.com – a website dedicated to alternative photographic processes,
News and Features Editor Charlotte Griffiths for a British photography website and magazine called Digital SLR User, 
Tom Miller who is one of the photographers behind the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day,
Web editor Gregg Kemp at Pinhole Visions,
Journalist Martynas Juras from Lithuanian magazine “Foto”,
Photographer Justin Quinnell, who mentioned this solargraphy projec in his show of Slow Light and in his interview published in the NewScientist,
Ki Wong who is planning to publish a new Chinese photo magazine “Klack” in spring 2009 and
Thanks to the collaboration with all of you who are involved in this Global Solargraphy Project for helping me to fill in the caps of the world map of solargraphs at various latitudes. 

We will hopefully be in touch in this year with further information on future events of solargraphy. Solargraphy is the Art of Pinhole and Lensless Photography. Solargraphy is a Space Art, too. I would very much appreciate any comments or feedback you may have on the solargraphs or solagraphy.

Happy Solargraphing!





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