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March 2009: Vernal Equinox is approaching

The March equinox will occur on March 20 in 2009, marking the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere and fall (autumn) in the southern hemisphere. The March equinox will occur at 11:44 (am) at Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on this date.
















Helsinki on Sunday morning 2009-03-08            Photo: Tarja Trygg 


Twice a year, around March 20 or 21 and September 22 or 23, the sun shines directly on the equator and the length of the day and the night are nearly equal in all parts of the world. These two days are known as the March (vernal or spring in the northern hemisphere) equinox and the September equinox.















Helsinki 9 March 2009 snowing        Photo: Tarja Trygg


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