This photographic technique, resulting in the most surprising images without chemicals, was invented by Slawomir Decyk, Pawel Kula and Diego Lopez Calvin. They called this kind of images solarigraphics which came into being in cameras without lenses. Light sensitive material is exposed in such a way that the image is revealed directly, without the use of further chemical processes. Solarigraphics are images that register the traces of the movements of the Sun. This method allows for extremely long exposure time (as long as six months).


Solargraphy by Diego Lopez Calvin

Diego Lopez explained to me how this kind of invention was created:


“Its a very long  history... I was with Slavo and Pawel tavelling together to "the Zone" when we started to think in the sun and solargraphy while we  wander inside the mist...let me remember, it was in 1999. Since these days... we have designed the Solaris project and all of us are in touch and we continue working near photosensitivity. New and amazing Solarigrafias are coming..” 



Slawomir Decyk wrote to me about the history of solarigraphy as follows:


"Well, I must say that some photos of sun were done before 2000, by some ppl relate with Academy of fine arts in poznan, (konrad smolenski, wojtek hoffman) and also some friend of Pawel Kula 

The first solargraph by Slavo Decyk

from stettin (przemek jesionek), but were not known as solarigraphy, just known like a  photographic tecnique and effect. And this is just a feature of foto materials, but also u know that when solaris proyect was born all change, and we gave a name for this.


The most important was that it consist in make 2x6 months exposition simultanously in diferent places, and also to have in publicated in website to make possible all participants see it so : Diego Lopez + Pawel Kula + Slavo Decyk are creators of this project 2000€‘ 2001. I think i did first 5 months exposure in solarigraphy tecnique, thats means without chemicals i will send it to u in email."







The inventors of solarigraphy photographed with this method their project called Solaris in 2000-2001.

Ramon Chomon has also been working with solarigraphics since 2001. He belongs to the same group whose exhibition of solargraphics and Decyk´s cyclographics were shown in Madrid in FEM6 (festival edicion madrid de nuevos creadores) in November, 2006.