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July 2009: Climate Change

The project 80+1 is taking place in Kilpisjärvi, (Finland) and in Linz (Austria) from 17, June to 6, September.2009 and online in the Internet. More information; www.kilpiscope.net

The project presents high-standard artistic and scientific perspectives on the issue of climate change and its impact in the arctic. It is a large-scale project together with Kilpisärvi Biological Station (Helsinki University), Ars Electronica Center (Linz, Austria), and the Finnish BioArt Society.


The MIDNIGHT SUN –stream is running on at 24 h if the sky is clear from 8, July to-10, August 2009

“The 80+1 Kilpisjärvi-program presents video screening program, which introduces documentary and artistic approaches to the issues dealing with climate change, nature, humans, and the future. The videos will be screened in the afternoons in Linz / Global Window (Hauptplaz) 15th-18th July, and in Kilpisjärvi on Friday 17th July in the evening.”

There are several works on video. Among them is Tarja Trygg´s works on video of SOLARGRAPHY - SPACE ART. It describes the circle of the life and time. It begins from a torn solargraph and the camera drives into a black hole. The infinite spatial space is opening in the solargraph that looks like space outside the world in the image that has been damaged by the moisture and humidity but it looks extremely beautiful in blue tones and the title of the video appears. The sound world is without words and made by Taneli Tuovinen. The result is very meditative and gave a spatial feeling in the show. Solargraphy makes invisible Sun´s paths into visible in landscapes at various latitudes of the world. We cannot see the movements of the sunlight with our naked eyes but solargraphy can records them. The tracks and curves of sunlight
 look different depending on the positions where we are. What are the green and blue curves of the sunlight in the images? Could solargraphy discover air pollution?
 The solargraphs on the video are from the Global Project of Solargraphy.


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By: Mariusz Rompicki () on 13:05 03-09-2009


By: Mariusz Rompicki on 13:05 03-09-2009

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