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August 2009: More Fame to Solargraphy

David Levine´s solargraph won third place in the natural category in High School Physics Photo Competition. http://www.aapt.org/Contests/PhotoContest.cfm







Solargraphy by David Levine 2009




















David Levine submitted one of his solargraphy photos to the High School Physics Photo Competition and it won third place in the natural category. He had set a few exposures up at Weston High School, Massachusetts, USA. Congratulation!!

The text under the image:
”This image was taken over a 45-day exposure using a paint-can pinhole camera. As the sun moves across the sky, it burns an image into the photopaper placed inside the paint can. Each streak corresponds to a day and the gaps or incomplete streaks are caused by overcast weather that day. This technique is called solargraphy. Over longer exposures it is possible to see how the height of the streak changes in relation to the seasons. The streaks are not perfect arcs because of the warped nature of the photopaper while wrapped up in the paint can. All that is required besides a pinhole camera is black and white photosensitive paper. Oddly, not only is the final exposure in color, but it doesnt even have to be developed. The negative was scanned, horizontally flipped, the colors inverted, and here it is! The presence of color is due to the degradation of the chemicals in the photopaper.”  (http://www.aapt.org/Contests/pc09full.cfm?Meeting=SM09&Category=Natural&Placing=3 )

What is interesting in the image?
The different colors in the tracks of the Sun in a same solargraph make me think about it. No chemicals were added to the paper! (Tarja´s note) What might be the reason for this physical phenomenon? Could you explain it?





A New Pinhole Photography Book 

Happy to inform that one of my solargraphs has been published in an excellent book as “From Pinhole To Print” Inspiration, instructions and insights in less than an hour by Gary Fabbri, Malin Fabbri and Peter Wiklund. The book says pinhole photography all in clearly and elegantly. Read more


A lof of fun with solargraphy! Best regards from Tarja 


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