A pinhole camera at the Kiasma square, Helsinki. Tarja Trygg.
A pinhole camera at the Kiasma square, Helsinki.

Solargraphy is a very good and simple photographic method to catch the movements of the Sun onto a piece of black & white photographic paper. Any canister, tin, can or black boxes can be used as a pinhole camera.

My "travelling model" of the pinhole camera is a small black film canister.


The movements of the sun will appear without developing photographic paper with any chemicals. One of the most special things about this method is the fact that although a piece of black and white photographic paper is used as the light sensitive material inside the pinhole camera, the outcome is a color photo.


After overexposing the paper negative for even half a year each track of the Sun is visible on the emulsion. It is scanned and inverted into the positive image and levels, color balance, contrast, hue saturation etc are handled with the aid of a computer.