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A beer can as a pinhole camera.
The only thing we need is a pinhole camera. You can ask for a free pinhole camera from me. Or you can construct it yourself if you like. Good materials for this purpose are any lightproof box / can / canister etc. The tiny hole is the most important part in the pinhole camera. Inside the can is a piece of black and white photographic paper.


In this project I have sent my pinhole cameras to volunteers which I have called ´can assistants´. They choose some good sunny place where they set the can facing the Sun (including the view in front of it). Upon opening the pinhole the Sun starts to exposure the photosensitive material inside the can.


After exposing for a certain time unit (anything up to a year) the pinhole is closed and it´s time to send the can back to me to create the solargraph. I send the final result to the can assistant by email. The collaboration is pure teamwork. The help of can assistants all around the world is the most important aspect for filling gaps on the map of solargraphy.




A film canister installation face the Sun.